Fighting to Protect Williamson County Families

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Jana Duty: Our Tough Republican Prosecutor

Since taking office, Jana Duty has eliminated the backlog of cases in the District Attorney's office, she is prosecuting more cases recommended by law enforcement and she is putting violent criminals behind bars for decades.

Jana has a 98% conviction rate in trials in almost three years in office, and in those trials, she has secured 1 death sentence, 2 life sentences and a combined 996 years behind bars for those who prey on the innocent.

Join the campaign today, and help re-elect our tough Republican prosecutor, Jana Duty.

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On Jana Duty's watch, Williamson County is a safer and stronger community. Prosecutions are up, violent criminals are finally seeing the justice they deserve, and programs have been established to support victims of crime.

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The Duty family has been fighting for their neighbors since the earliest days of our Texas history. Jana has continued that tradition as our County Attorney, and today as our District Attorney.


The Anatomy of a Cold Case

Since taking office as District Attorney in 2013, Jana Duty has indicted four cold case murders that her predecessors deemed too difficult to prosecute. Click on the newspaper headline to read the details of one of those trials, that of Rex Nisbett, which ended with a guilty verdict and a 42-year sentence for Nisbett nearly two and a half decades after his wife's murder.

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“I am truly honored to have the privilege of serving as your District Attorney. I have spent the better part of my adult life seeking justice for victims of crime. That's where my heart has always been, and it's the work that I believe I was intended to do. So with that in mind, I ask for your prayers, support, and your vote as we continue the important work of protecting the families of Williamson County."

- Jana Duty

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